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Multi-function Grinder

Multi-function Grinder

Multi-function grinder is used to further grind the 10-30 meshes powder into 40-120 meshes.

Application Industry:

further grind the 10-30 meshes powder into 40-120 meshes

Application Raw Material:

Row material are plastic,rubber,waste PCB and so on.

Multi-function grinder is composed by four main parts: wind pipe, cyclone separator, electric cabinet and water supply part. Feed in the material to the grinder room, after grinding and cooling by wind and water, get the 40-100meshes rubber powder.

Machine Features:

1.Special dust collector makes rubber powder more pure and no dust in environment.

2. Two cooling systems, one is wind cooling and the other is water cooling which keeps the chemical characteristics of rubber powder.

Technical Parameters:
Model Powder Capacity Dimension Weight
ZY-MFG 30 37 Kw 220 Kg/H 1.75X1.38X1.35 m 1.8 Ton
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