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How to solve the running problems of copper wire recycling plant

The copper wire recycling machine is an environmental protection treatment equipment for waste wires and cables. It is mainly used for recycling and processing various waste wires, automobile wires, wires, and copper and aluminum wires. So in the process of using the small copper wire recycling machine, what are the reasons for the failure of the waste and miscellaneous wire processing flow, and how to solve it?

Dry small copper wire recycling machine airflow specific gravity sorting separates the crushed raw material copper and plastic. It is a core component that can only be produced normally when the angle of the separator, the vibration speed, the suction volume, the blowing volume, the discharge speed, and the parallelism of the machine are combined into one point. Its separation principle is the deflection of two objects with different densities in a certain angle, air volume, and vibration process to separate the materials. So the machine must be stable and level.

Stable means that the whole machine does not shake when it is working, and level means that the material flowing out of the copper port and the leather outlet is evenly left and right. If there is more material on one side and less material on the other, the side with more material should be raised. The front and rear angle of the separator is high, the vibration speed is slow, and the air volume is large, so the copper output speed is slow. On the contrary, the front and back angle of the separation bed is small, the vibration is fast, and the blowing is small, so the copper output speed is fast. If the copper output speed is too fast, it is easy to cause the plastic skin in the copper to be discharged from the copper outlet. The specific gravity separation power of the dry copper wire recycling machine is 2.2+3kw, the sorting capacity is 300-400kg, the purity of the discharge quality copper powder is greater than 97%, and the aluminum powder storage degree is greater than 97%.

The processing efficiency of small copper wire recycling machine is reduced, the equipment is suddenly insufficiently powered, which leads to slow or incomplete crushing. The sorting equipment is fast and slow. At this time, we have to analyze whether the motor is not working properly due to the low voltage. It is necessary to check whether the cables and other equipment meet the requirements to ensure that the working voltage of the equipment is around 380V. The jamming of the copper wire recycling machine occurred mostly during the period of time when it was just started, because the equipment has not been fully operational, and the sudden large amount of raw materials was input, which blocked the crushing cavity, which hindered the processing and required shutdown for cleaning. To avoid this problem, the amount of raw materials must be controlled at a uniform rate.

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