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Small investment in circuit board recycling equipment and fast returns

The disposal and management of waste electrical and electronic products in my country has experienced a long period of gray existence and rapid explosive growth, and has achieved remarkable results in system construction, industrial development and capacity building. my country is a producer and consumer of electrical and electronic products in the world. The proper recycling and processing of waste electrical and electronic products has high resource value, and is one of the categories with significant resource attributes among various renewable resources. The resource and environmental benefits are significantly higher than that of mining and refining activities. Circuit board recycling equipment separates and recycles used circuit boards, reducing environmental pollution and waste of resources.

The circuit board recycling equipment produced by SUNY GROUP adopts dry physical separation, which can separate and recycle electronic materials such as waste electronic garbage. Dust pollution problem. Circuit board recycling equipment solves the serious environmental hazards caused by electronic waste. Circuit board recycling equipment can separate and recycle various waste circuit boards, circuit boards, copper clad laminates, scraps, aluminum-plastic panels, waste tablets, and electronic components. The circuit board recycling equipment adopts secondary pulverization for the recycling and processing of waste circuit boards. It becomes a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder; then a process route for separating metal and resin by wind and electrostatic separation. Circuit board recycling equipment has accelerated the technological progress of my country's waste electrical and electronic product recycling industry, and has gradually narrowed the gap with the international level.

Circuit board recycling equipment has a small investment and a fast return. It can be used to start a business and become rich. It is also an environmentally friendly equipment to protect the environment. Shibang Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production and development of electronic waste treatment equipment. The development, design and manufacture of environmental protection factors are: environmental protection circuit board crushing and recycling equipment, environmental protection wire and cable crushing and recycling equipment, and environmental protection electronic waste treatment equipment , Capacitor crushing and recycling equipment, high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment, waste home appliance dismantling equipment, circuit board dismantling equipment, etc., new energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment, excellent manufacturing process product structure, and integrated plant design to meet the real needs of users.

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