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Dry type copper wire machine safely and effectively separates metal and non-metal

The dry-type copper wire machine can recycle waste wires and cables, waste wires, automobile wires, and waste copper wires with extremely high copper content. As we all know, among all metals, the price of copper is very high, but the recycling performance is also very good, and the recycling characteristics of copper make it a resource that can be reused.

Compared with the reproduction of copper, the recycling of copper scrap is not only economical. Moreover, it is energy-saving, can effectively use natural resources, and is beneficial to environmental protection. SUNY GROUP’s dry-type copper wire machine can recycle scrap wires and cables, scrap wires, automobile wires, and scrap copper wires with extremely high copper content.

The dry copper wire machine has a wide range of applications, and can be applied to a variety of wire types, including wire miscellaneous wires, cable wires, computer wires, communication wires, automobile wires, electric vehicle wires, network wires, charger wires, capillary wires, and wool Miscellaneous lines and so on. The dry-type copper wire machine is sheared and crushed by the second crusher, separated by high-precision airflow, and again subjected to high-voltage electrostatic separation to ensure the highest degree of separation of high- precision copper. The equipment can be fed at one time and completed by multiple machines. The whole line is controlled by PLC.

After many research and development tests, it has solved the problems in the copper incineration method. It can not only provide the separation rate of copper, but also regenerate the separated plastics. Use to avoid environmental pollution. Features of dry copper wire machine: 1. It has high economic benefits, no dust, no secondary pollution, and integrated structure, which is convenient for installation, debugging and transportation. 2. High degree of automation. The operation method is easy, manual and automatic two-way selection can be made, and the recovery rate is high. 3. High precision copper separated by dry mill. 4. The equipment production line can replace consumable accessories.

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