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Precautions during the use of the copper wire machine

The copper wire machine is designed according to various wires and cables. It is not only easy to operate, convenient and environmentally friendly, but also has a good internal structure, compact and detailed overall structure, beautiful appearance, and the overall use effect highlights the good performance of the equipment, bringing practical effects to users. Although the copper rice machine is a kind of professional copper plastic sorting equipment, some things should be paid attention to when using it to make the equipment work better, so let's take a look at the problems that should be paid attention to when using the copper wire machine:

1.Be committed to operation, and carefully maintain it during use. The operator must first check the equipment to ensure that there is no problem before starting it.

2.Be sure to keep in mind the sequence of power-on and power-off, and strictly follow the requirements.

3.The material can only be fed after the equipment is running stably, and the stacking work can not be carried out until the material is discharged.

4.The feed must meet the needs and load of the equipment before it can be fed evenly to ensure that the equipment will not malfunction and break evenly.

5.The copper rice machine has a great impact during use, and it is easy to produce back to the city, so ventilation and dust removal must be done.

6.The current and power must be stable and can maintain normal operation.

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