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Operation and process of the four-side sealing wet wipes packaging machine

Today, let’s talk about the operation and process of the four-side sealing wet wipes packaging machine.

1.Preliminary preparations

Before you start to use the machine, you must first determine what kind of material you want to use, check whether the machine circuit can work normally, and check whether there are any small debris on the machine. If it needs to be cleaned up in time, make sure that the machine is kept. Clean and dust-free, and remember to disinfect the four-side sealing wet wipes packaging machine, and configure the liquid pot according to the requirements of the product. /p>

2.Start work

After confirming that there is no one next to the machine, stand in a safe area, then turn on the circuit breaker and power on the machine. Don’t worry when you get here, because the materials we added won’t find a place in the machine by ourselves? We need to artificially place non-woven fabrics (spunlace) and other materials on the corresponding roll racks, pull the materials out, fold, spray water, and then pull them to the fold to let the folding wheels roll them, and then roll the film, Put the materials such as pull-tabs on the corresponding roll racks and set them in place. After that, you can turn on the main switch and water supply switch of the four-side seal wet wipes packaging machine, adjust the system speed, and we can start our normal production.

3.Emergency situations

In case of emergency, the machine needs to be suspended or the machine needs to be suspended for other reasons, please refer to the following operations:

Stop the machine normally, press the main switch, turn off the water supply switch, turn off the speed control switch, and cut off the power supply.

If it is an emergency, such as a personal hazard, it is recommended to press the main switch immediately to stop the machine.

wet wipes machine

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