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choose the wet wipes machine according to actual demand

In recent years, the national health concept has been continuously improved, and wet wipes, as a daily necessities, have developed very rapidly in the industry market. Friends who are preparing to put into production in the wet wipes processing industry may not know much about wet wipes processing equipment. For example, what types of wet wipes machines are used to process wet wipes, and how much does it cost? Next, the editor will share some experience in this area with you.

What are the wet wipes processing equipment?

It is not difficult to find that there are various types of wet wipes on the market, such as single-seal four-side sealed wipes, 1-10 back-sealed wipes, 10-30 back- sealed wipes, 30-120 back-sealed wipes, etc . So, which equipment are used to produce these wet wipes?

1. Single-chip four-side sealing wet wipe machine: It can produce wet wipe products of different sizes in one machine, and can be adjusted to suit various packaging sizes. It is a rational model for the production of hygienic wet wipes and cosmetics removal wet wipes and personal care wet wipes;

2. 1-10 piece back-seal wet wipe machine: This equipment can be divided into two types, single head and double head, the size of the wet wipe can be adjusted on the machine, the operation is simple and stable, and the parts in contact with the liquid are all made of stainless;steel , The whole machine is controlled by PLC, which has a wide range of applications;

3. 10-30 pieces of back-seal wet wipe machine: This type of equipment can choose a variety of models of products, stable performance, can meet the needs of enterprises for high productivity, and has a wide range of uses;

4. 30-120 pieces of wet wipe machine with back seal and lid: This equipment can be divided into 6-channel, 12-channel, 20-channel and other wet wipe machines. Users can choose at will according to their needs. It has strong automation and stable operation. It is used for producing disposable Household cleaning wipes or baby wipes, etc.

The above-mentioned machines for processing wet wipes are all currently hot-selling types. They are very mature in technology, have a low failure rate, and are very simple and convenient to operate.

wet wipes production line

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