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Environmental significal of the development of pcb recycling plant

Resources and environmental issues are still a hard constraint restricting our country's development, and the environmental capital work itself faces many new challenges. With the reform of technology, the development of environmentally friendly circuit board recycling equipment has received strong support from the government, allowing enterprises to have more funds to invest in environmental protection equipment and equipment technical upgrades, increase scientific research funding support, and reduce the financial pressure of enterprises , Reduce the production risk of the enterprise, and be more conducive to the circulation of the enterprise capital chain.

The development of environmental protection equipment such as circuit board recycling equipment will move towards the sustainable development of scrap metal resource regeneration. The circuit board recycling equipment produced by SUNY GROUP is a recycling equipment for waste electronic products. The circuit board recycling equipment uses physical methods to disassemble, crush, sort and recycle waste circuit boards, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. For discarded electronic products, the first step is to dismantle. In this link, harmful components can be effectively removed and recycled or valuable components and materials can be recycled. For the dismantled electronic waste, the next step is to crush and screen. The screening can not only provide raw materials that meet the specific mechanical process and the appropriate size, but also increase the high metal content. Then, the raw materials are finely crushed through a pulverizer until the size of the materials is suitable for electrostatic separation. The tail part of the recycling of electronic waste by circuit board recycling equipment is to electrostatically sort the recycled materials. The screening technology of high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment is mainly suitable for particles in the range of 0.1-5 mm in size, which is effective in high-voltage electrostatic separation. Next, the particles of different materials are separated because of the different charges.

The development of circuit board recycling equipment can not only improve the quality and benefits of environmental resources development, but also improve my country’s ecological civilization construction to a certain extent. Industrial production is carried out from the perspective of environmental protection, and industrial recycling is carried out from the perspective of environmental protection. Circuit board recycling The circular development model of equipment integrating environmentally friendly production technology will occupy an advantageous position in future scientific and technological production.

pcb recycling plant

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