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Advantage of SUNY GROUP cooper wire recycling plant

The copper wire machine production line has the characteristics of large crushing force, high efficiency, large processing capacity, low operating cost, convenient adjustment, and economical use. It is widely used in the recycling and treatment of various waste wires. It is suitable for dismantling lines for automobiles, batteries, and home appliances. Cables, electronic wires, etc., play an important role that cannot be ignored in the current recycling of waste wires. The production process of the copper wire machine is becoming more and more mature, and its production efficiency is much higher than the traditional recycling method.

The advantages of the copper wire machine production line are:

(1) The messy wires can be separated, and the production efficiency is high.

(2) Low consumption of wearing parts and low operating cost.

(3) Rotary cutting and crushing to make the finished copper wire grain uniform.

(4) High degree of automation reduces the parking time.

(5) The use of thin oil lubrication has the characteristics of high reliability and long service life.

(6) The equipment is easy to integrate and move, easy to maintain, easy to operate and use.

(7) One person can operate, and it can be produced after power on.

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