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Circuit board recycling equipment has a high automation degree in the disassembly process

There are more and more electronic products, and the number of discarded electronic products is also increasing. The substrates of electronic products contain many recyclable non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, glass and other substances, which are very valuable in use. However, if the recycling method is unreasonable, the metal may be lost, which not only wastes resources, but also pollutes the environment. Circuit board recycling equipment can be used as a profitable business to turn waste products into treasures for circuit board recycling waste products.

The disposal methods of waste circuit boards usually include physical separation and chemical separation. After chemical separation, a large amount of harmful substances such as nickel and cobalt will be produced. If you accidentally infiltrate the soil and water sources, it will contaminate the soil and water sources. The physical separation is the second pulverization of the circuit board to make it a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder. Then the metal and powder are separated by wind and static electricity. The pulse dust collector in the equipment will not cause the powder to enter the air and pollute the environment. Circuit board recycling equipment has become a leader in the e-waste industry.

Circuit board recycling equipment is mainly the process of disassembling and disposing of various waste electronic products with circuit boards such as waste home appliances and waste computers, extracting metals, and recycling metals. At present, there are many kinds of waste circuit board recycling equipment on the market, and environmental protection type circuit board recycling equipment must be selected to reduce environmental pollution. The circuit board recycling equipment produced by our company has a high degree of automation during the disassembly process, which can reduce manpower and save time and physical strength.

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