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Circuit board recycling equipment has good market prospects

In the process of the circuit board recycling equipment, the circuit board recycling equipment does not require any chemical raw materials, water, heating and combustion. According to the physical properties of different objects, metals and non-metals are dried and separated at room temperature. The circuit board recycling production line is not only used for the separation of circuit board copper and plastic, but also for the separation of other electronic waste and other compounds or mixtures. The entire equipment is not polluted.

Circuit boards are a kind of solid waste that is very harmful, and discarded circuit boards are a kind of solid waste that is very harmful. Unscientific treatment methods will inevitably cause serious harm to the biosphere. Waste circuit boards are rich in gold and silver. Precious metals such as palladium, palladium and platinum hide huge wealth. The structure of discarded circuit boards is extremely complex and difficult to recycle. However, the types of materials are the same, that is, they contain a lot of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, resins, and circuit boards. The physical and chemical properties of these materials are different. Based on these differences, the current domestic and foreign countries attach great importance to the recycling of discarded circuit boards.

1. The crusher crushes the circuit board into a particle size of about 13 mm in diameter with a crusher with low dust removal noise.

2. Use an automatic feeder to feed the crusher into the disintegrator.

3. Decomposition: The circuit board with a particle size of about 13 mm is decomposed into a mixture of metal and non- metal with a particle size of about 2.5 mm in the decomposition equipment.

4. According to the fan air volume, simply select metal and non-metal in the cyclone collector. Cyclone collectors are mainly metal and non-mixtures, and both cyclone collectors are non-metallic.

5. Turn the feeder from the cyclone collector to the electric separator.

6. The mixture of metal and non-metal is separated in an electric separator.

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