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Maintenance measures of copper cable recycling machine

Dry-type copper cable recycling machine is a device used to separate copper and plastic in wires and cables. As we all know, the copper in waste wires and cables can be reused. In the past, we used manual peeling of the rubber skin on the outside of the wire to obtain the copper wire, but this processing efficiency is very low. After that, the copper wire is obtained from the fire waste wire and cable, but the incineration method increases the burden on the environment, and this method is definitely not advisable. The emergence of the dry copper cable recycling machine has solved this problem, not only causing secondary pollution to the environment, but also improving the recycling efficiency.

However, the dry copper cable recycling machine may have many unpredictable problems when in use, which requires us to do daily maintenance work.

1. Grease is added to the bearings of all moving parts of the dry copper cable recycling machine before leaving the factory, but it is limited to the adjustment equipment. After the adjustment operation is completed, all the bearings of the moving parts must be filled with grease. Each operating part is added with new grease every 40 hours of operation, and the crusher bearing is added with new grease every 8 hours of operation.

2. The knives will be passivated after a period of production. After passivation, the crushing effect and sorting effect will be affected. Therefore, it needs to be polished every once in a while. When polishing the knives, choose mechanical polishing. Do not polish at will. The tool will become narrower after repeated grinding. When the gap between the rotating blade and the fixed blade of the casing does not meet the crushing requirements, the old tool needs to be replaced. When grinding or replacing the tool, the power must be turned off before operation Adjust the gap between the blade and the fixed knife every time you sharpen or change the knife.

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