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How can we turn the scrap copper cable into wealth

In the industrial production process, a variety of waste wires, cables, waste electrical materials, etc. are increasing. How to realize the maximum utilization of resources, the recycling of resources, and the improvement of economic value are issues that many companies reconsider. The dry-type copper cable recycling machine can solve the problem of waste copper wire and waste cable recycling to a large extent. The production technology is advanced, environmental protection and energy saving. It is the current waste wire and cable recycling equipment.

The current dry-type copper cable recycling machine market is in a good situation. As a processing line that is popular in the waste wire and cable recycling industry, it can well separate the copper and plastic wires and cables. It is favored by investors and is an entrepreneurial field with great development potential. Moreover, the price of a dry-type copper cable recycling machine is only tens of thousands of yuan, which investors can afford. Many people have begun to invest in building factories to recycle waste wires and cables. It can be said that this is a very good project to get rich!

The machine adopts specific gravity separation technology, and the recovery rate of waste wire and cable copper is close to 100%. The equipment has a high degree of automation, good operation, good stability, mechanical separation in the whole process, no water and smoke emission, no dust pollution, and it is an environmentally friendly recycling. After the equipment and waste wires are processed, the copper and plastic are effectively separated to achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization.

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