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Prospects and classification of wet wipe machines

Since 2020, wet wipes machine equipment has matured. The focus of competition has changed from the price of wet wipes equipment, the size of investment, to the maturity of wet wipes machine equipment, such as machining capabilities, such as quality control, and delivery. In terms of speed, you need to know that the market is fiercely competitive and whether the automated equipment you buy can create higher benefits. It depends on the quality assurance and the speed of production. The next step is the sales ability. When the production and sales are reached, natural benefits will come.

The demand for wet wipes blows out, which has also forced an increase in production capacity, and at the same time put forward higher requirements for the quality of wet wipes. From the original cleaning function, the wet wipes have gradually extended the effects of skin care, nourishment, and bacteriostasis. From a single cleaning wipe to a functional wipe, the development prospect of the wet wipes market is beyond doubt!

Nowadays, the wet wipe machine has a variety of technologies and models. In terms of packaging type, there are four- side seal and back seal (also called three-side seal); in terms of the number of packaging pieces, there are single-piece, two-piece, five-piece, ten-piece, twenty-piece, and three-piece package. Ten-piece, 50-piece, 60-piece, 80-piece, 100- piece, 120-piece and other models; from the point of view of intelligence, there are semi-automatic and fully-automatic wet wipe machines; from the point of view of speed, there are low-speed , Medium-speed, high-speed and other types of wet wipes machines; from the perspective of the shape of the wet wipes, there are folding and tube-mounted wet wipes production equipment.

The establishment of a wet wipe factory should consider the production site, water and electricity, environment, labor, raw materials, management, sales of finished products, etc., not just the amount of money to measure, it also involves a certificate issue, it is recommended to visit the on-site enterprise.

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