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Characteristics of SUNY copper cable recycling machine

There are large copper cable recycling machines, small copper cable recycling machines and ordinary copper cable recycling machines. Different types of copper cable recycling machines have different characteristics. Compared with the small copper cable recycling machine, what are the advantages of the large copper cable recycling machine in the new factory? At present, the waste cable processing equipment on the market is mainly small copper metering machine, which has limited processing capacity, and the general output is 300-500kg/h. Due to the small number of miscellaneous wires and copper core wires of various discarded cables, small copper metering machines cannot meet the needs of large-scale processing in the case of a large market scale, and small equipment is used to process cables. Copper cables and plastic cables can be separated, but they are not clean.

Generally speaking, the processing range of copper cable recycling processing is circuit lines and miscellaneous lines with a diameter between 5-20mm. If the processed waste line contains capillary wires with a diameter less than 5mm, an electrostatic separator must be installed for double sorting. If there is no additional equipment, it will affect the working efficiency of the copper cable recycling machine and reduce the copper sorting rate.

The installation and debugging of the copper cable recycling machine should check whether the load capacity, actual discharge level and output of the copper cable recycling machine meet the requirements, and the copper cable recycling machine should operate reliably and stably. Therefore, when buying a copper cable recycling machine, you should choose a good quality after-sales service from a regular manufacturer to ensure smooth production.

In daily production operations, the force between the small copper cable recycling machine and the material, the mechanical movement of the motor-driven equipment, the wear of the equipment and the original position of the parts change, and the shape and function of the parts change on a regular basis. Fill the equipment with lubricating oil and always keep the equipment in a lubricated state.

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