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Working process of lithium battery recycling equipment

The waste lithium battery recycling equipment can realize the resource utilization of the metal copper and carbon powder in the waste lithium battery materials through the combined process of hammer crushing, rotating drum screening and air flow sorting.

The waste lithium battery recycling and processing equipment achieves resource regeneration by crushing and separating the waste lithium batteries. Separate the waste lithium batteries into the raw materials we need. The lithium battery recycling equipment will crush the raw materials through a multi-knife crusher, air flow sorting for copper and aluminum separation and recycling, and a pulse dust collector will be configured to perform the separation process and subsequent The dust generated during the treatment process is collected to create a green recycling system for lithium batteries.

Technical principle of waste lithium battery recycling equipment: the waste battery is sent to the first shredder by a conveyor for shredding, and the shredded materials are sent to the second multi-blade shredder through the conveyor for crushing treatment. The material after the secondary crushing enters the conveyor and a magnetic separator is set to separate the iron in the material. The sorted materials are sent to the air-flow sorting machine through the conveyor, the separator paper in the positive and negative sheets is separated by the induced draft fan and the cyclone, and the sorted positive and negative sheets are sent to the third-stage pulverization The machine is finely crushed, and the material is crushed to about 20 mesh. The pulverized material enters the cyclone separator from the negative pressure system for dust filtration, and passes through two airflow sorting, and all the ultra-fine dust is brought into the pulse dust collector by the negative pressure system for collection, and the filtered tail gas will be collected. Continue to be sent from the negative pressure system to the exhaust gas treatment equipment for air purification, so that it can meet the national emission standards before being discharged at high altitude.

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