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SUNYGROUP lithium battery crushing and sorting technology

The lithium battery recycling equipment adopts physical dismantling, physical shredding and sieving treatment processes. The pretreatment process includes dismantling and shredding and shredding processes. This step is mainly to positive and negative the waste lithium battery shell and the lithium battery. Electrode material separation; the middle-end process is completed by the pulverization process. This step separates the positive and negative electrode materials of the lithium battery from the diaphragm, and separates the copper and aluminum from the positive and negative active materials; the final copper and aluminum screening process is optional equipment, according to the waste lithium For battery processing requirements, the re-screening equipment for lithium battery copper and aluminum can be customized.

The production line of waste lithium battery recycling equipment has formed a development market. The waste lithium battery recycling equipment uses a coarse crusher to crush to less than 10mm, then enters the particle crusher for crushing and separation, and then enters the specific gravity micro powder separator for processing , The dust at the tail is collected by pulse dust removal. Lithium battery recycling and processing equipment More than 10 stand-alone devices form a set of production lines. According to the different lithium battery positive and negative core materials and lithium battery raw materials, the production capacity and the requirements of the finished product are different, the sorting rate is high, the particle size distribution is uniform, and the particle size benefit is high. Features. Optimize the crushing process of lithium battery recycling equipment to extract and process valuable metal materials, copper and aluminum, and anode and cathode active materials from waste lithium batteries. Power consumption is reduced by more than 30%, effectively increasing the metal recovery rate. The pretreatment section uses a mechanized battery crushing equipment system.

According to the separation characteristics of the copper foil of the lithium battery anode material, the lithium battery recycling and processing equipment uses different equipment to crush and classify to achieve a greater recovery value. According to the successful case of our company's lithium battery anode copper foil crushing machinery and equipment, the use of our company's lithium battery anode crushing machinery and equipment can effectively crush the lithium battery anode material, separate the copper foil from the anode material and the separator, and The photo-oxygen catalysis facility and waste gas collection facility can be added according to the demand for grading treatment to meet the high-purity separation requirements. It can be widely used in the treatment of various types of waste lithium batteries and lithium ion battery anode materials.

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