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Commonly used equipment in circuit board recycling process

The commonly used equipment in mechanical processing technology of circuit board recycling equipment includes shredding equipment and sorting equipment. In the material separation process of mechanical processing technology application, circuit board recycling equipment should be based on the monomer dissociation and efficient separation of each material. As the basis. The difference in the degree of shredding will affect the energy consumption of the equipment, and it will also have a direct impact on the subsequent sorting process, so shredding is a very important link. In this process, the commonly used shredding equipment mainly includes hammer crusher, hammer mill and rotary crusher. Through the research of the shredding process, it is found that when the metal is crushed to 0.66mm, the circuit board can be dissociated. The choice of shredding method and shredding equipment should be determined according to the subsequent process flow.

Circuit board recycling equipment The sorting equipment is mainly used in the process of sorting the materials in the waste circuit boards by magnetic, electrical and material density. The magnetic separation and electrical separation of waste circuit board materials can be separated by using traditional magnetic separators, while eddy current separators use eddy current forces to separate metals and non-metals in the materials. This method has been widely used in mechanical processing of electronic waste, and is more suitable for the separation of light metal materials and plastic materials of similar weight. Electrostatic sorters are also commonly used sorting equipment in the sorting process of waste circuit boards, and are mainly used for sorting non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Circuit board recycling equipment uses physical methods to dispose of electronic waste. The treatment process uses environmentally friendly processes such as shredding, crushing, magnetic separation, air flow separation, and static electricity. The recycling technology of circuit board recycling equipment for processing waste printed circuit boards is relatively mature. If you want to invest in this industry, welcome to visit our company.

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