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The procesing flow of circuit board recycling equipment

Circuit board recycling equipment uses physical crushing to crush and recover circuit boards. However, the existing crushing and recycling system does not fully process the circuit boards. After the treatment, the metal and resin materials are incompletely recovered, so there are still pollution problems. During the treatment process, blocks with different particle sizes cannot be effectively classified, larger and faster treatments are not crushed again, and when the fiber powder and dust are collected, because the induced draft fan is at the front end of the collection device, there are bends in the powdery substance conveying pipeline. As a result, the conveying force of powdery substances is not enough, and it is easy to stay or accumulate on the inner wall of the pipeline, which makes the separation effect poor.

SUNYGROUP has developed the latest processing technology. This technology truly realizes the efficient recycling of circuit boards. Processing process: The crusher can crush the circuit board to a particle size of 2-3 cm. The crushed circuit board enters the crusher. The crusher crushes the crushed circuit board to about 20 mesh. The circuit board enters the analyzer, and the analyzer performs air separation of the crushed materials to separate the resin powder, metal, dust, and fiber powder in the materials. The dust and fiber powder are sucked into the collector by the high-pressure induced draft fan. The resin powder and metal are sucked into the collector. It enters the air sorting screen through the hoist I; the collector collects the fiber powder, and the collected fiber powder is discharged through the fiber powder outlet. The pulse purifier can collect the dust and superfine fibers generated during the crushing process; The sorting sieve screens the resin powder and metal. The resin and metal that are not separated are returned to the grinder for re-pulverization. The separated resin powder and metal enter the specific gravity sorting sieve for separation; the specific gravity sorting sieve can separate the resin powder and the metal. Metal is separated by specific gravity. Since the weight of the metal is greater than the weight of the resin powder, the metal will be sorted to one side, and the resin powder will be sorted to the other side, so as to achieve the separation of metal and resin powder. This is a very advanced sorting in China. Technology, can achieve more than 99% metal separation effect.

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