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Core technology of circuit board recycling equipment

Circuit boards are the most used electronic components in today's society, and their application range is extremely wide, and the speed of replacement is also very fast. Therefore, the disposal of discarded circuit boards has become the focus of attention. In fact, 90% of the waste circuit boards can be recycled, so they have a high recycling value.

Core technology of circuit board recycling equipment:

1. Dismantling and crushing technology: electronic waste components are mainly composed of various metals, reinforced resin plates, copper wires attached to them, components, and various metals electroplated, with high hardness and strong toughness , It needs to be crushed by shearing and crushing technology, that is, crushing equipment with shearing effect can achieve a better dissociation effect. In order to reduce the noise, special design should be adopted at the guard plate and interface of the crushing equipment, and shock-absorbing materials should be installed.

2. Dust removal and separation technology: using magnetic separation, density separation, airflow separation, electrostatic separation technology, through multi-stage The metals are sorted out, which can greatly improve the recycling rate. In order to cool and remove dust, air jets are set on the blanking side of the two-pole crushing equipment, and air outlets are set on the crushing cavity to loosen the materials to facilitate crushing, cooling and dust removal. The addition of dust removal equipment can effectively collect the powder of poultry precious metals.

Circuit board recycling equipment has simple structure and strong practicability. Through the overall design, the waste printed circuit boards are recycled and reused, which effectively prevents the waste printed circuit boards from causing serious pollution to the environment during the recycling process. At the same time, the metal-rich and non-metal-rich groups made after recycling can be used Take out after collection, reducing the cost of recycling discarded printed circuit boards.

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