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Treatment flow of lithium battery recycling plant

The lithium battery recycling equipment adopts environmentally friendly treatment methods, which can separate the positive and negative materials and the separator to recover, and make full use of the valuable metal elements in the lithium battery. Lithium-ion batteries have a compact overall structure. In particular, the positive and negative active materials are adhered to the electrode sheets by adhesives, and the powder is attached to the metal poles of the positive and negative electrodes, and they are separated by mechanical and physical methods.

Environmentally friendly waste lithium battery treatment method

1. Rolling and crushing waste lithium batteries to obtain primary fragment materials; in the process of crushing, the electrolyte is removed by an adsorption collection device for electrolyte;

2. Cut and crush the primary fragment materials to obtain the secondary fragment materials; in the cutting and crushing process, the electrolyte is removed by the electrolyte adsorption collection device;

3. The secondary debris material enters the plastic material separation and collection device to realize the separation of the plastic material from the electrode material and the current collector;

4. Send the second-level fragments after separating and removing the plastic materials into a hammer mill for deep crushing to obtain the third-level fragments;

5. The three-stage debris material enters the battery material separation device for primary separation and collection, and the positive and negative electrode materials and the current collector particle mixture are obtained respectively;

6. The positive and negative electrode materials enter the cyclone for secondary separation and collection to obtain the negative electrode material graphite and the positive electrode material; the current collector particle mixture enters the vibrating screen to be further separated to obtain copper and aluminum particles. Lithium battery recycling and processing equipment uses physical methods to separate and collect the components of waste lithium batteries, and uses simple dry methods such as mechanical crushing, vacuum separation, vibration screening, specific gravity separation, and airflow separation to realize electrode materials in waste lithium batteries. Separation and collection of current collector metals, plastic diaphragms, and battery casings.

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