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Advantages of lithium battery recycling equipment

Lithium battery recycling equipment mainly adopts physical recycling method, which has the advantages of green low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, no secondary pollution and so on. Because cobalt, lithium, copper and plastics contained in waste lithium batteries are precious and rare resources, they also have high recycling value. Lithium battery recycling equipment is to effectively recover these metal materials, which can avoid waste of resources and Unintentional waste of subsequent processing.

The equipment effectively realizes the separation and recovery of metal copper and graphite, aluminum and lithium cobalt oxide in the positive and negative materials of waste lithium batteries. The scientific and effective treatment method of lithium batteries has significant environmental benefits and good economic benefits. After the lithium battery is processed, the dust discharge will be discharged after reaching the discharge standard, and at the same time, the effective sorting of non-ferrous and rare metals will be achieved, and resource utilization will be realized.

lithium battery recycling equipment

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