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Difference between wet and dry type copper wire recycling machine

Copper wire recycling machine is a machine specially used on some waste copper wires to smash copper wires and plastics and then separate them. At present, there are two main types on the market, one is dry copper wire recycling machine, and the other is wet copper wire recycling machine. Today we will take a look at the difference between these two devices from the perspective of environmental protection.

Dry copper wire recycling machine is separated by dry physical separation technology. It does not need to add water and heating in the process of processing waste cables. Through crushing and sorting, metals such as copper and iron can be directly separated. Sorted out, there is no pollution phenomenon;

Wet copper wire recycling machine is a sorting method of water shaker. During the sorting process, it is necessary to continuously add water source to separate copper and plastic. Such an operation will cause waste water pollution, and it will be necessary in the later stage. Environmentally friendly treatment of wastewater is required.

If you want to invest in this industry, you can choose a suitable copper wire recycling machine according to your own factory conditions and actual operational needs.

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