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Current situation of world electronic waste recycling industry

Compared with the prosperity of my country's e-waste recycling theory, European countries, the United States and Japan and other developed countries (regions) have formed relatively complete laws, regulations and corresponding supporting measures in the practice of e-waste recycling. EU member states generally establish a joint mechanism for manufacturers and consumers to cooperate to pay for the recycling and disposal of electronic waste, such as the application of household appliance shredders.

In the United States, companies engaged in electronic waste recycling and processing mainly include specialized companies, non-ferrous metal refineries, municipal solid waste treatment companies, and dealers. Five types of companies are closely linked to form a relatively complete industrial chain. However, in the United States, the recycling of waste household appliances and electronic waste has its utilitarian nature, especially the treatment of non-metallic materials such as plastics, such as crushing, landfilling, and energy recovery, etc., and the recycling efficiency is low. In Asia, Japan's e-waste recycling level is higher than that of other Asian countries, and the e-waste recycling level in South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and other regions ranks behind Japan, and has a certain recycling and processing capacity. Economically developed countries and regions have prioritized the establishment of electronic waste recycling and disposal systems, which have been tested and gradually improved.

Although my country's comprehensive national strength and economic strength have been at the forefront, the establishment of e-waste, especially the recycling and disposal system of waste household appliances, is far behind that of some countries and regions), and my country's e-waste recycling has not been The theory is completely and smoothly transitioned to practice, which is related to the vast territory of my country and the uneven development level of various places, and it is also closely related to the practicality of relevant theoretical research in my country and the national concern for thinness. The workshop dismantles privately, does not standardize the recycling method of electronic waste, the dismantling and processing enterprises of electronic waste have nothing to eat, and the serious disconnection between consumers and recyclers, recycling and processing makes it difficult to establish a real electronic waste recycling system in my country. .

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