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ACP recycling plant delivery to Spain

The ACP recycling plant adopts the method of physical crushing and electrostatic sorting to separate the aluminum-plastic. First, the acp is roughly crushed into pieces below 10mm by a knife-cutting crusher, and then enters a high-speed water-cooled turbo crusher. The material is finely crushed into a mixture of aluminum and plastic, and the material that meets the requirements is screened by a rotary vibrating screen to separate aluminum and plastic by the principle of an electrostatic separator, and the unqualified material is returned to the mill to continue grinding. The loss of both aluminum and plastic is very low, and the reuse rate of aluminum is close to 99%. The equipment adopts complete dry physical separation, which does not cause secondary environmental pollution and has good social and economic benefits. Today, we delivery whole set acp recycling plant to our Spain customer. When the machine arravied, our engineer will provide remote installation service. If you are also interested in this plant, welcome to visit us.

acp recycling plant

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