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Suny Group provide customer high quality meltblown fabrics

Meltblown fabrics are widely used, and production of daily necessities such as bed sheets, bed covers, clothing, shirts, etc. is inseparable from it. We can most often see the figure of the meltblown cloth through our masks. The melt-blown cloth is the "heart" of the mask. In addition to blocking larger dust particles, it can also attract fine dust, bacteria and virus droplets through the electrostatic charge on the surface. The melt-blown cloth 90-95-99 represents the different specifications of the melt-blown cloth, which means that the melt-blown cloth filters non-oily 0.3 mm substances. The three types of meltblown fabrics corresponding to the mask types produced are N90 / N95 / N99.

meltbown fabric

There are many manufacturers that can produce melt-blown fabrics, but not many manufacturers can produce mask-blown fabrics. The production of 90/95/99 melt-blown fabrics needs to pass a series of melt-blown fabric inspections. It must pass the national regulations. The melt-blown non-woven fabrics mainly have 12 important indicators to reach the standard. This is because many manufacturers producing melt-blown fabrics cannot achieve the 90/95/99 standard, so the melt-blown fabrics produced cannot be put into the market. Our group produces high-quality meltblown fabrics to a high standard, ensuring that each batch reaches 95 or more. Zhengyang Group started from the source, using the best raw materials and equipment in the market, using advanced technology in the industry, and strictly producing products that satisfy consumers' satisfaction in accordance with national regulations.

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