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Material requirements of medical non-woven masks

At present, the basic raw material of commonly used mask fabric is polypropylene masterbatch, which has the advantages of low density and easy photodegradation. After the polypropylene nonwoven fabric reaches a certain length of use, the macromolecular chain can be photodegraded and broken. It is suitable for disposable mask materials and can reduce environmental pollution. Polyester fiber has the advantages of high strength and good light resistance. Its high-curled hollow short fiber can be used for interlayer melt-blown, improve the dust holding capacity of the mask, and reduce the filtering resistance of the mask. In addition, the modified basic raw materials can also improve the mask protection.

One method is to use modified PP or blend PP with functional masterbatch for spinning. For example, using microcapsule technology, the microcapsules with the degrading agent as the core material are evenly attached to the surface of the fiber, which is used to prepare degradable nonwoven fabric. There is also a controllable degradation agent or nano-scale photosensitive material powder added to PP polymer for blending melt-blown spinning, and the produced melt-blown fabric has controllable photo-biological degradability. Antibacterial agent (general content is 5%~20%) can also be mixed into the spinning masterbatch. After blending and spinning, antibacterial nonwoven fabric can be prepared.

nonwove fabric

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