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Wet wipes making machine from Suny Group

With the development of society, consumers pay more and more attention to aesthetics. Although traditional handmade bags are beautiful but slow, labor costs are high and the hygiene level does not meet consumer requirements. Under the requirements of this market situation, Suny Group has considered the needs of customers and developed a three-dimensional wet wipes packaging machine to meet the consumer concept of end consumers.

wet wipes making machine

The wipes machine adopts a simple touch screen operation, a multi-axis servo control control drive system, and the servo precise transmission can automatically adjust the position of the cloth during the skipping and conveying process, maintaining synchronous and equidistant conveying, and avoiding jamming. Material feeding; the main plate drives four sets of support bags to rotate to a fixed position, pneumatically pushes the support plate to complete the turret support bag, the length of the film is electrically controlled, the cylinder drives the cutter to cut off instantly, and the irregular slide guides the suction box to send the finished bag To the support bag position; the film tension is automatically adjusted, and the length of the bag is flexibly controlled.

Suny Group vertical sealing technology, domestic advanced horizontal sealing design, using barrel film design, one side sealing or both sides sealing, so that the wet wipes show a three-dimensional sense, the sealing is firm and beautiful. It not only realizes the beauty of manual packaging, but also achieves the speed and hygiene of mechanical packaging, helping customers solve the problem of traditional manual packaging, which is slow and costly, and high hygiene levels cannot be reached. Suny Group has always stood at the customer's point of view, considering the concept of terminal consumption. After market research and repeated trials, the machine is not pushed to the market until it is stable.

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