Scrap PV Solar Panel Recycling Plant
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Scrap PV Solar Panel Recycling Plant

Scrap PV Solar Panel Recycling Plant

PV Solar panels typically consist of glass, polymer, aluminum, copper, and semiconductor materials that can be recovered and recycled at the end of their useful life.

Application Industry:

PV Solar Panels Recycling

Application Raw Material:

Scrap PV Solar Panels


The solar panel scrap PV recycling plant is mainly used to recycle waste solar panels. Using our own original technology, remove the frame, remove the glass, crush and sort to obtain silicon, mixed metal, plastic, etc.

  • Scrap Solar Panel Recycling Machine
  • Solar Panel Scrap Paper Recycling Plant

Recycling Technology:

The rest of the components in a PV solar panel consist of good quality glass, aluminium frames, polymers, silicon, copper and silver paste (used for the printed conductors on each cell), all of which (up to 95%), can in principle be successfully recycled.

Scrap Solar Panel Recycling Plant Recycling Technology

Raw Materials:

Suitable for all kinds of PV solar panel waste.

  • Scrap Solar Panels
  • Scrap Solar Panels
  • Scrap Solar Panels
  • Scrap Solar Panels

Final Product:

We can get aluminum frame, glass frame, silicon powder, plastic, metal powder, etc.

  • Glass
  • Silicon
  • Copper
  • Plastic

Flow Diagram:

Scrap Solar Panel Recycling Plant Flow Diagram

The scrap PV solar panel recycling line includes Main Equipments(As your demands)

1. Aluminium Frame Removing Machine

2. Glass Removing Machine

3. Double Shaft Shredder

4. Crusher Machine

5. Grinding Machine

6. Sorting Machines

7. Pulse Dust Collector

  • Aluminium Frame Removing Machine
    Aluminium Frame Removing Machine
  • Glass Removing Machine
    Glass Removing Machine
  • Double Shaft Shredder
    Double Shaft Shredder
  • Crusher Machine
    Crusher Machine
  • Grinding Machine
    Grinding Machine
  • Airflow Separator
    Airflow Separator
  • Electrostatic Separator
    Electrostatic Separator
  • Pulse Dust Collector
    Pulse Dust Collector
Technical Parameters:
Model ZY-Solar300 ZY-Solar500 ZY-Solar1000
Capacity 300 Kg/H 500 Kg/H 1000 Kg/H
Power 102 Kw 134 Kw 194 Kw
Weight 15 Ton 20 Ton 30 Ton
Dimension 20*5*5m 25*6*5m 30*6*5m
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