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Tire Recycling Plant
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Tire Recycling Plant

Tire to rubber granules through the tire recycling equipment is a mainstream type of tyre recovery.There are more than three billion waste tires all over the world now and it is growing at one billion waste tires each year.Waste tire is called "black pollution", has strong heat resistance and corrosion resistance and is very hard to degrade, so it gradually becomes new solid waste pollution sources. If this "black pollution" can not be disposed early, it will cause great harms to the environment.

Tire Granule Recycling Plant
Tire Recycling Plant

Tire to Rubber Granules Plant is applicable to all kinds of rubber products, such as waste tires, rubber shoe soles, waste pipes, rubber conveyor belt, etc. Among them, waste tire is the main raw material.

Application of Tire Recycling Plant
Final Products

By Tire recycling plant, get the final product is rubber powder, fiber and steel wire, concrete rubber powder fineness (mesh) can be processed according to the needs of customers. We can offer different capacity of waste tire recycling plant from 100 kg/h to 3000 kg/h. The rubber powder size 10, 20 mesh, 30 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh, and the Max 120 mesh.

  • Final Products of Tire Recycling Plant
  • Final Products of Tire Recycling Plant
Floor Plan Of Tire Recycling Production Line

Tire recycling plant is a perfect system, including the main equipment, Hydraulic Tire Steel Extractor, Tyre Cutter, Whole Tyre Shredder, Steel Wire Separator, Rubber Granulator, Magnetic Separator, Fiber Separator. The overall design of Fully-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line is reasonable, high degree of automation, easy to use and maintain, and no need to add any other chemicals, no pollution to the environment. This is the best way to recycling scrap tires. You can implement integration solution for the customer.

Floor Plan Of Tire Recycling Production Line
Tire Recycling Plant Process Tire Recycling Plant Process
Choose Your Requirements

We can provide semi-automatic tire recycling line and fully automatic tire recycling line, which can be choose according to your needs. The semi-automatic tire recycling line has the characteristics of low budget and can start the project quickly. The fully automatic tire recycling line has high capacity, high efficiency and high automation, which can enable you to obtain higher benefits.

Tire Cutting System
Design Solutions

According to your tire size, fiber content, rubber size and budget

Design Solutions
Tire Cutting Machine
Rubber Granule Production Line
Products Display

of rubber granule production line

  • Rubber Particles
  • Rubber Granules
  • Rubber Granules
Rubber Granule & Powder Size Can Be Customized

Rubber granule production line can produce three different size granule at the same time.

If you want to recycle rubber granule. Please

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