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Cable Stripping Machine

Cable Stripping Machine

Cable stripping machine is especially suitable for stripping thick wires and cables of single-strand or multi-strand.

Application Industry:

Cable wire recycling industry

Application Raw Material:

Cable stripping machine can strip wires and cables with dia.0.5-200mm


Cable Stripping Machine is especially suitable for stripping thick wires and cables of single-strand or multi-strand. More labor-saving and less energy consumption.


Our Cable Stripping Machines which can strip wires and cables with dia.5-200mm. we can also manufacture customized machines according to customers' requirement and we promise that every machine is of high quality and competitive price.

  • 0.5mm Copper Wire0.5mm Copper Wire
  • 3mm Multi-strand Wire3mm Multi-strand Wire
  • Multi-strand CableMulti-strand Cable

Product Model:

There are many types of cable stripping machine, such as: Y-CSM001, Y-CSM002, Y-CSM003, Y-CSM004, Y-CSM005, Y-CSM006, Y-CSM007, Y-CSM008, Y-CSM009, please choose the right type according to your own needs, or tell us your needs, we will choose the right equipment for you

  • ZY-CSM001ZY-CSM001
  • ZY-CSM002ZY-CSM002
  • ZY-CSM003ZY-CSM003
  • ZY-CSM004ZY-CSM004
  • ZY-CSM005ZY-CSM005
  • ZY-CSM006ZY-CSM006
  • ZY-CSM007ZY-CSM007
  • ZY-CSM008ZY-CSM008
  • ZY-CSM009ZY-CSM009


1. Start the motor and check whether the operation is normal. Check the diameter of the outer rubber and plastic cable line of each file when feeding, and feed them one by one.

2. In order to make the blade durable, the connector of the rubber cable should be cut off during feeding to avoid chipping the blade.

Machine Features:

1. This cable stripping machine is both manually and electricity operated machine.Pushing wire automatically,just need hold by labors.

2. Under electric mode, you just need adjust the knifes and gears, and then machine can strip wire automatically.

3. Adjusting gears to suit different diameter wire,the outer sheath and inner conductor will be stripped by blade when waste cables cross through the middle guide wheel.

Technical Parameters:
Model Applicable Powder Dimension Capacity Weight
ZY-CSM 001 0.5-12mm(Wire diameter) 2.2 Kw 54*52*84 cm 1-300 Kg/Daily 81 Kg
ZY-CSM 002 1-38mm(Wire diameter) 2.2 Kw 43*53*85 cm 1-300 Kg/Daily 67 Kg
ZY-CSM 003 1-45mm(Wire diameter) 2.2 Kw 53*53*85 cm 1-600 Kg/Daily 100 Kg
ZY-CSM 004 1-60mm(Wire diameter) 4 Kw 53*56*85 cm 100-800 Kg/Daily 100 Kg
ZY-CSM 005 10-70mm(Wire diameter) 5.5 Kw 46*46*85 cm 30m/min 100 Kg
ZY-CSM 006 10-80mm(Wire diameter) 4 Kw 85*60*98 cm 30m/min 165 Kg
ZY-CSM 007 10-120mm(Wire diameter) 2.2 Kw 67*58*110 cm 30m/min 140 Kg
ZY-CSM 008 10-150mm(Wire diameter) 5.5 Kw 93*56*130 cm 30m/min 300 Kg
ZY-CSM 009 10-200mm(Wire diameter) 4 Kw 90*70*130 cm 30m/min 350 Kg
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