Windshield Laminated Glass Recycling Machine
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Windshield Laminated Glass Recycling Machine

Windshield Laminated Glass Recycling Machine

The glass pre-press machine and glass separator can completely separate the glass inside the windshield from the intermediate film, yielding pure glass and PVB/SGP/EVA interlayer film.

Application Industry:

Laminated glass recycling

Application Raw Material:

Waste car windshields and other laminated glass


The primary purpose of windshield recycling machine is to efficiently separate the glass layers and interlayer films, such as PVB/SGP/EVA, from scrapped automotive windshields. It aims to recover pure glass materials and reusable films, and providing a reliable solution for the glass recycling and reuse industry.

  • windshield recycling machine
  • Laminated Glass Recycling Machine

Raw Materials:

Mainly composed of laminated glass from scrapped vehicles. These windshields typically consist of two layers of glass with an interlayer of PVB, and may also contain SGP or EVA films.

  • PVB Laminated Glass
    PVB Laminated Glass
  • SGP Laminated Glass
    SGP Laminated Glass
  • EVA Laminated Glass
    EVA Laminated Glass

Final Product:

After separation by the laminated glass recycling plant, 99% of the glass on the laminate is removed. The final output is the whole PVB/SGP/EVA interlayer and glass particles.

  • Glass
  • PVB/SGP/EVA Interlayer
    PVB/SGP/EVA Interlayer


The equipment does not damage the interlayer, maintains the integrity and original shape of the interlayer, ensuring high-quality recycling.

  • Effect of our equipment
    Effect of our equipment
  • Other euqipment effects
    Other euqipment effects

Flow Diagram:

The glass is pre-treated using a glass pre-press machine, ensuring the adhesive surface between the glass and the interlayer film is relaxed. Finally, the glass enters the separator, where an efficient separation technology completely isolates the glass and the interlayer film.

Laminated Glass Recycling Equipment Process Diagram

Part 1. Pre-Press Machine

Part 2. Feeding Conveyor

Part 3. Glass Removal Machine

Part 4. PVB Discharge Conveyor

Part 5. Vibrating Screen

Part 6. Glass Discharge Conveyor

Part 7. Pulse Dust Collector

  • Pre-Press Machine
    Pre-Press Machine
  • Feeding Conveyor
    Feeding Conveyor
  • Glass Removal Machine
    Glass Removal Machine
  • Pulse Dust Collector
    Pulse Dust Collector
Technical Parameters:
Name Model Size Power
Pre-Press Machine WRYY-1500 2300*800*1500mm 4Kw
Glass Removal Machine WRSS-650 5800*800*750mm 2.2Kw
Glass Removal Machine WRTJ-11 1900*1320*2600mm 11Kw
Vibrating Screen WRZZS-1500 1500*800*1400mm 0.37Kw
Glass Discharge Conveyor WRSS-500 6000*700*750mm 3Kw
Pulse Dust Collector WRMC-72 1500*1500*4500mm 7.5Kw
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