Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine
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Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine

Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine is used for recovery of waste aluminum-plastic materials, can put the aluminum and plastic separation, aluminium plastic separator adopts crushing, grinding, separating, dust removing technology process to achieve completely & simultaneously separating recycling aluminum metal and plastic powder. And the recycled aluminum powder can be sold directly to the aluminum reclamation plants and fireworks and firecrackers plants, the PVC powder also can be sold in the market as the re-process materials.

Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine
Raw Materials and Final Products

Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine can be used for recycling all kinds of aluminum and plastic composite such as aluminum composite panel (ACP/ACM), medical blister, aluminum plastic foil, and aluminum plastic package bags etc.

The following picture is the result of testing the Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine by some customers. We will save and send samples of sorted aluminum powder and plastic powder for our customers, You can send your materials to us and we will test the machine for you without charging any fees.

Aluminum powder and plastic powder from medical plates

  • Aluminum powder
  • Plastic powder

Welcome to our factory and test the machine with the materials you specified

  • Pharma industry blister material
    Pharma industry blister material
  • Toothpaste tubes
    Toothpaste tubes
  • Medical board scrap
    Medical board scrap
  • Food packaging bags
    Food packaging bags
  • Aluminum off-cuts
    Aluminum off-cuts
  • Medical blister
    Medical blister
  • Aluminum composite panel (ACP)
    Aluminum composite panel (ACP)
  • Aluminum plastic strip
    Aluminum plastic strip
  • Aluminum plastic film
    Aluminum plastic film
Comparison of Sorting Results

India customer visited our factory for Aluminum Plastic Separating Machine . He visited several suppliers during his tour in China and compared the aluminum powder separated from our system with those of other suppliers. He is quite satisfied with our equipment.

Comparison of Sorting Results

Tips: The more uniform of material particles after milling, the better the sorting result.

Process Description

The aluminum and plastic materials firstly crushed by the knife crusher into 10mm pieces, and then grinding by the water cooling turbo type grinding machine into aluminum and plastic fine powders. Then separated by the rotary screen, the big size will back into the grinding machine and the fine powders will into the electrostatic separator, finally the aluminum and plastic would be separated.

Aluminum Plastic Separating Machine Strucure
Aluminum Plastic Separating Machine Process Description
Technical Parameters
Model Capacity Power Weight
ZY-WAP 300 200-300 Kg/H 62 Kw 8 Ton
ZY-WAP 500 400-500 Kg/H 98 Kw 13 Ton
ZY-WAP 1000 600-1000 Kg/H 170 Kw 20 Ton

1. The above machine is our standard configuratoin, but for different raw materials, it is different machine configuration, so please contact us about your raw materials;

2. The machine voltage can be customized.

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