Continuous UBC Cans Decoating Machine
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Continuous UBC Cans Decoating Machine

Continuous UBC Cans Decoating Machine

The continuous decoating machine is a special equipment for removing grease, paint layers, and other impurities on cans, aluminum products, and iron cans with large paint content on the surface.

Application Industry:

Aluminum smelting

Application Raw Material:

Aluminum UBC, Aluminum Extrusion Profiles


This Continuous UBC Cans decoating machine is designed to efficiently remove coatings and paints from used beverage cans before they are melted down for recycling. The decoating process not only improves the quality of the recycled aluminum but also enhances the energy efficiency of the recycling process by reducing the amount of energy required during the melting phase.

  • UBC Cans Paint Deplating Machine
  • Aluminum Scrap Paint Removing Machine

Raw Materials:

Paint removal equipment is primarily used for the paint surface treatment of metal surfaces, mainly for materials such as aluminum cans and aluminum profiles.

  • Aluminum Cans
    Scrap Aluminum Cans
  • Baled UBC
    Baled UBC
  • Aluminum Extrusion Profiles
    Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Final Product:

The paint removal rate can reach more than 99.9%., The Decoating machine uses a combination of heat and a controlled atmosphere to remove the paint and coatings from the aluminum cans without melting the aluminum itself.

  • Aluminum Cans After Paint Removal
    Aluminum Cans After Paint Removal
  • Aluminum Profiles After Paint Removal
    Aluminum Profiles After Paint Removal

Flow Diagram:

The The complete of continuous UBC cans decoating plant includes a dual-shaft shredder, hammer crusher, feeding system, carbonization furnace, discharging system, control system, and exhaust gas treatment equipment, etc.

Continuous UBC Cans Decoating Plant

01. Pre-shredding Process

02. Crushing Process

03. Iron removal

04. Feeding System for Paint Removal Furnace

05. Final Product After Paint Removal

  • Pre-shredding Process
    Pre-shredding Process
  • Crushing Process
    Crushing Process
  • Feeding System
    Feeding System
  • Paint Removal Furnace
    Paint Removal Furnace
Technical Parameters:
Model Capacity (Kg/H) Power(Kw) Main Furnace Size(mm) Weight(T)
ZY-LTL1000 800-1300 21.5Kw 11800*1500*2100 8
ZY-LTL1200 1300-1800 25Kw 11800*1800*2200 11
ZY-LTL1500 1800-2300 33.5Kw 11800*2000*2450 16
ZY-LTL1800A 2300-2800 42Kw 11800*2200*2650 18.5
ZY-LTL1800B 2800-3300 45.5Kw 11800*2200*2650 21.5
The capacity is related to the processed materials,and the relevant output needs to be confirmed according to the material situation.
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