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Vertical Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder

Vertical Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder

The vertical scrap metal hammer mill shredder is equipped with 72 liners made of high manganese steel, which have good wear resistance, toughness and durability. it is suitable for the initial breaking of materials with large particle size.

Application Industry:

Scrap Metal Recycling

Application Raw Material:

Aluminum motor housing, Aluminum motor housing, etc

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Vertical hammer mill crusher is composed of motor, shaft, hammer, machine body, turnplate, hydraulic system, control box, etc, The upper side of the vertical scrap metal hammer crusher is a high-speed rotating hammer head, and the lower part is a self-rotating and revolving hob, which can quickly crush materials.

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Equipment Structure:

The vertical hammer mill crusher mainly uses the upper hammer structure to break materials by rotating at high speed. In the process of material automatic falling, the material is finely crushed and rolled by the gap between the lower hob and the crushing cavity. Meet the discharge requirements. Vertical crusher is characterized by its structure, high crushing speed, high efficiency and easy maintenance.

Equipment Structure of Vertical Hammer Mill Crusher

Raw Materials:

The main application materials are: scrap metal, aluminum profile, motor stator, rotor and other waste mixed metal materials.

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Machine Features:

1. High Speed: The rotating speed can reach 672 revolutions per minute, and the crushing equipment with the same power has higher discharging efficiency..

2. No Pollution: The vertical hammer crusher is equipped with inlet and outlet belts, and the outlet is equipped with dust removal equipment, which greatly reduces dust pollution during crushing..

3. Easy to Maintain: The design of double-door makes the maintenance of the equipment simpler. The unique design of the chinese market, the opening angle of the equipment is 180 after the hydraulics on both sides are opened.

4. Unique Structure: The upper side of the metal crusher is a high-speed rotating hammer head, and the lower part is a self-rotating and revolving hob, which can quickly crush materials.

Technical Parameters:
Capacity800-1000 Kg/H1500-2000 Kg/H2000-3000 Kg/H
Power75*2 Kw90*2 Kw132*2 Kw
Spindle Speed650 rpm650 rpm672 rpm
Rotating Diameter1000 mm1500 mm1500 mm
Number of Hammers2 pcs4 pcs2 pcs
Unit weight of Hammer Head20 Kg25 Kg30 Kg
Number of Hobs36 pcs36 pcs36 pcs
Unit Weight of Hob40 Kg40 Kg42 Kg
Kicking DeviceActive typeActive typeActive type
Power of Hydraulic Station2.2 Kw2.2 Kw2.2 Kw
Weight9 T12 T18 T
Equipment Size1200* 1200*3000 mm1500* 1500*3200 mm1800* 1800*3500 mm
Customer Worksite:

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Vertical Hammer Mill Crusher In Greece

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Final Products:

Output size after crushing is 6-8mm


Steel scraps, car shell, waste wires, cans, tin boxes, paint buckets and other metals into ideal particles.

The heavy duty hammer mill crusher is mainly used in large waste recycling stations, waste metal recycling companies, etc. Users can choose different models and configurations according to their raw materials to be processed and the requirements fo finished materials (broken particle size).

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