Scrap Tetra Pak Recycling Paper-plastic Sorting Plant
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Scrap Tetra Pak Recycling Plant

Scrap Tetra Pak Recycling Sorting Plant

Mainly used to recycle various paper-plastic composite materials

Application Industry:

Paper Recycling, Plastic Recycling

Application Raw Material:

Coated paper, Kraft paper bag, Tetra pak, Combibloc, and other paper-plastic composite materials.


For paper-plastic composite materials, the tetra pak recycling paper-plastic sorting plant adopts the method of mixing with water and friction separation of the main shaft sieve plate. The production capacity and effect of the equipment have reached the high-end level in the industry.

  • Milk Packet Recycling Machine
  • Paper Plastic Sorting Plant

Raw Materials:

Suitable for all kinds of paper-plastic composite materials, such as, Coated paper, Kraft paper bag, Tetra pak, Combibloc, Paper-plastic composite woven bag.

  • Tetra Pak
    Tetra Pak
  • Coated Paper
    Coated Paper
  • Kraft Paper Bag
    Kraft Paper Bag
  • Cigarette Pack
    Cigarette Pack

Final Product:

The final product is packed pulp, plastic film, aluminum foil (aluminum-containing composite material).

  • Packed Pulp
    Packed Pulp
  • Plastic Film
    Plastic Film
  • Aluminum Foil
    Aluminum Foil

Flow Diagram:

Tetra Pak Recycling Paper-plastic Sorting Plant Flow Diagram

The paper-plastic sorting plant includes Four Main Single Machines(As your demands)

1. Paper Aluminum Separator

2. Pulp Filter

3. Pulp Dehydrator

4. Pulp Filter Press Equipment

Paper Aluminum Separator:

Paper aluminum separator is the main equipment of the whole paper-plastic recycling production line. The working principle is that the motor drives the spindle to rotate at high speed. The spindle blade drives the material to move from the feeding end to the discharging end.

  • Paper Aluminum Separator Machine
  • Paper Aluminum Separator
Function Paper Mills Material PE Coated Paper/Kraft Paper Paper-plastic Composite Woven Bag
Main Motor Power 110Kw 75Kw-132Kw 55Kw
Rated Speed 380-560 r/min 380-560 r/min 380-560 r/min
Sieve Hole Diameter (Customized) 8mm 8mm 8mm
Sieve Plate Thickness (Customized) 8mm 8mm 8mm
Outlet (L*W) 800*800mm 800*800mm 800*800mm
Pulp Outlet Dia φ220*2mm φ220*2mm φ220*2mm
Capacity 150-200t/24h 1.5-3.5t/h 11000-11500Strips/h
Floor Space (L*W) 1800*8000mm 1800*8000mm 1800*8000mm
Overall Height 3300mm 3300mm 3300mm
Outlet Height 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm
Pulp Outlet Height 800mm 800mm 800mm

Pulp Filter:

In the pulping of waste paper, because of the different paper quality of waste paper, there is a large amount of slag. This machine can remove light and heavy sundries and decompose small pieces of paper in fibers, without blocking the sieve plate, and hard sundries will not hurt the sieve plate.

  • Pulp Filter
  • Pulp Filter Machine
Model 380 450 500
Sieve Plate Length (mm) L1250*W610*2pcs L1500*W715*2pcs L1500*W795*3pcs
Motor 45kw-4 75kw-6 90kw-6
Total Length 3750mm 4150mm 5850mm
Width 780mm 850mm 925mm
Base Length 3000mm 3500mm 5160mm
Pulp Inlet 219 219 273

Pulp Dehydrator:

The basic working principle of the pulp dehydrator is: the particles rotate to a certain height with the drum,are thrown and fall by gravity, and are filtered through the screen to form a sieve.

  • Pulp Dehydrator
  • Pulp Dehydrator Machine
Model 200 300 400 500
Power 0.75Kw 1.5Kw 2.2Kw 2.2Kw
Sieve Density 100 100 100 100
Sieve Length 2000mm 3000mm 4000mm 5000mm
Weight 150Kg 200Kg 270Kg 350Kg
Capacity 500Kg/H 750Kg/H 1000Kg/H 1300Kg/H

Pulp Filter Press Equipment:

The pulp filter press uses the motor to drive the spindle to run and drive the polyester blanket. The pulp is transported to the filter press by the pump and evenly flows onto the polyester blanket. After being driven by the polyester blanket, it is squeezed between two layers of polyester blankets, and then squeezed and compacted by multiple pressing rollers, thus making cardboard for secondary utilization.

  • Pulp Filter Press Equipment
  • Pulp Filter Press Machine
Model 1500 2000 2500
Driven Motor Power 4Kw 4Kw 5.5Kw
Polyester Blanket Specification 1500x11300 2000x11300 2500x11300
Polyester Blanket Specification 1500x12700 2000x12700 2500x12700
Pulp Processing Capacity 35-55T/D 42-62T/D 50-70T/D
Floor Area 2400x6000 2900x6000 3400x6000
Spindle Speed 37-61.5r/min 37-61.5r/min 37-61.5r/min
Customer Worksite:
  • Paper-plastic Recycling Sorting Plant In Malaysia
  • Paper-plastic Recycling Sorting plant In Malaysia
  • Paper-plastic Recycling Sorting plant In Malaysia
  • Paper-plastic Recycling Sorting plant In Malaysia

Paper-plastic Recycling Sorting Plant In Malaysia

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