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Waste Refrigerator Recycling Plant
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Waste Refrigerator Recycling Plant

Waste Refrigerator recycling plant is used to recycle all kinds of waste Refrigerators (or freezer), After the waste refrigerator is recycled, we can finally get: iron, plastic, foam, nonferrous metals and other materials

Waste Refrigerator Recycling Plant
Waste Refrigerator Recycling Production Line

Waste refrigerators of various capacities

  • Waste Refrigerator
  • Waste Refrigerator
  • Waste freezer
  • Waste freezer
Final Products

Iron, Plastic, Foam, Nonferrous metals

  • IronIron
  • Nonferrous MetalsNonferrous Metals
  • PlasticPlastic
  • FoamFoam
Products Strucure

1. When the waste refrigerator (or freezer) is on the unpowered drum, disassemble it manually and remove the plastic and glass from the box.

2. According to different types of refrigerants, refrigerant recovery devices are used to classify and recover refrigerants. Remove the compressor and condenser, etc.

3. The whole machine enters a double- shaft shredder for shredding and preliminary crushing.

4. The materials enter the hammer crusher, and are crushed for the second time through crushing and kneading by the crusher.

Waste refrigerator recycling plant workflow

5. At the same time of secondary crushing, part of polyurethane foam will be separated into foam separator by air separation. Heavy materials such as plastic and metal enter the belt conveyor.

6. Materials crushed by plastic and metal are separated by magnetic separation on the belt, and then enter eddy current separation.

7. Non-ferrous metals, such as copper and aluminum, are separated by eddy current, and plastic and foam materials are transported to the airflow separation system through belts to separate pure plastic and foam. Polyurethane foam is compressed into blocks by a foam crusher.

Main Equipments

The whole refrigerator recycling production line includes Pre-dismantling platform, Double shaft shredder, Vertical hummer crusher, Magnetic separator, Eddy current sorting machine, Wind separator, Foam compacting machine, etc.

  • Pre-dismantling platformPre-dismantling platform
  • Double shaft shredderDouble shaft shredder
  • Vertical hummer crusherVertical hummer crusher
  • Eddy current sorting machineEddy current sorting machine
  • Wind separatorWind separator
  • Foam compacting machineFoam compacting machine
Product Features

1. Negative Pressure: The whole recovery process is a sealed negative pressure environment, which reduces the emission of gas and pollutants.

2. No Pollution: The waste refrigerator recycling plant is equipped with a dust removal system, and the gas and particulate matter are collected and treadted by the dust removal system and discharged up to the standard.

3. Safety: Many parts of the refrigerator recycling production line is equipped with detection facilities such as temperature and cyclopentane gas concentration, and graded alarm and safety control are carried out.

Technical Parameters
Capacity 600 units/hour (According to raw materials)
Equipment Size 51000X13000X6500mm (Customizable)
Capacity Reduction Ratio of Polyurethane Foam 1/5-1/8
Iron Recovery Rate (weight%) ≥99%
Recovery Rate of Copper & Aluminum (weight%) ≥97%
Plastic Sorting Rate (weight%) 97% (<3% foam in recycled plastic)
The sorting rate of major materials shall be tested according to the enterprise standard of our company (Q/BAHI 001-2010)
The emission of noise and particulate matter meets the requirements of relevant national standards (reference standards: GB12348-2008,GB 16297-1996)

1. The production capacity is based on the processing of 120L-220L refrigerators, which can handle refrigerators with specifications above 220L;

2. The machine voltage can be customized.

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