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Electronic Component Screening Machine

Electronic Component Screening Machine

Electronic component screening machine can automatically classify the size of the disassembled electronic components for further reuse.

Application Industry:

Electronic component screening machine is used for electronic waste recycling and electronic component screening and sorting.

Application Raw Material:

Solid components such as electronic components and small capacitors


The main function of the electronic component screening machine is to separate according to the different sizes of the electronic components. After being used for the electronic component disassembling machine, the components are classified, which has the characteristics of convenient operation, simpleness and high efficiency.

The electronic component screening machine mainly screens according to the size of the electronic components. When the motor is synchronously and reversely rotated, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block cancels each other in a direction parallel to the motor axis, in a direction perpendicular to the motor axis. The stack is a combined force, so the movement of the sieve machine is a straight line. The motor shaft has an inclination angle with respect to the screen surface. Under the combined force of the excitation force and the material self-gravity, the material is thrown up and jumped forward in a linear motion on the screen surface, thereby achieving the purpose of screening and classifying the material.

Machine Features:

Automatic sorting of objects of various sizes; removing manually selected processes;

The design of the electronic component screening machine is exquisite and easy to assemble, and the sieve machine can be operated by one person;

Unique screen structure design, high screening efficiency;

Low energy consumption, simple structure and easy maintenance;

Technical Parameters:

Can be customized

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