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SUNY Production Line
  • Scrap Solar Panel Recycling Plant

    Capacity: 300Kg/H -- 1000Kg/H

    Application: Scrap Solar Panels

    Advantages: Unique technology, high recycling efficiency

    Main Part: Aluminium frame removing machine, Glass removing machine, Shredder, Crusher,Sorting Machines, etc.

  • Cable Wire Recycling Machine

    Capacity: 100Kg/H -- 1000Kg/H

    Application: Automobile wires, car bottom wires, motorcycle wires, computer wires and communication cable, etc.

    Advantages: Controlled by PLC, Compact structure and reasonable layout, No dust outlet, the dust separation rate can reach up to 99%.

    Main Part: PLC system, Crusher, Air separator, Pulse dust collector.

  • Circuit Board Recycling Plant

    Capacity: 200Kg/H -- 1000Kg/H

    Application: Waste computer boards, cell phone boards, TV boards, copper-clad laminate, and other household appliances.

    Advantages: Controlled by PLC, the metal and nonmetal will reach about 99% of separation.

    Main Part: Double shafts shredder, hammer crusher, grinding machine, air separator and the electrostatic separator.

  • Lithium Battery Recycling Plant

    Capacity: 500Kg/H -- 2500Kg/H

    Application: Soft package lithium battery, Hard-shell lithium battery, Positive and negative plates etc.

    Final Products: Mainly Copper, Aluminum, Lithium Cobalt Oxide, Graphite Powder.

    Main Part: According to customer raw materials and processing capacity to configure.

  • Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine

    Capacity: 200Kg/H -- 1000Kg/H

    Application: Aluminum composite panel, medical blister, aluminum plastic foil, aluminum plastic package bags, etc.

    Advantages: Physical separation, and separation rate can be reached 99.8%, no pollution to the environment

    Main Part: Crusher, Grinding Machine, Electrostatic Separator.

  • Scrap Tetra Pak Recycling Sorting Plant

    Capacity: Depends on the raw materials

    Application: Coated paper, Kraft paper bag, Tetra pak, Combibloc, and other paper-plastic composite materials.

    Advantages: Capacity and effect of the equipment have reached the high-end level in the industry

    Main Part: Paper Aluminum Separator, Pulp Filter, Pulp Dehydrator, Pulp Filter Press Equipment

  • Waste Refrigerator Recycling Plant

    Capacity: 600 units/hour (According to raw materials)

    Application: Waste Refrigerators (or freezer)

    Advantages: Sealed negative pressure environment, no pollution and graded alarm and safety control are carried out.

    Main Part: Double shafts shredder, Vertical hummer crusher, Eddy current separator, Wind separator, Foam compacting machine.

  • Scrap Radiator Recycling Plant

    Capacity: 1000Kg/H -- 5000Kg/H

    Application: Large Blocks of Radiator, Copper and Aluminum Water Tank, Motor Rotor(with axle)≤15cm.

    Advantages: Controlled by PLC, the first gravity separation and the second air flow separation make the separation rate up to 99%.

    Main Part: Double shafts shredder, Hammer crusher, Gravity separator, air separator and Pulse dust collector.

  • Waste Tire Recycling Plant

    Capacity: 200Kg/H -- 3000Kg/H

    Application: Waste tires, rubber shoe soles, waste pipes, rubber conveyor belt, etc.

    Advantages: Easy to use and maintain, and no need to add any other chemicals, no pollution to the environment

    Main Part: Tire cutting system, Steel Wire Separator, Rubber Granulator.

  • Wet Wipes Production Line

    Applicable Paper: Spunlace non-woven fabric,Hot-rolled non-woven fabric

    Advantages: Full automatic control, automatic conversion of labels

    Main Part: Automatic wet wipes folding machine, moisture rationing machine, atuomatic packaging machine, etc.

  • Napkin Cutlery Packing Machine

    Application: Plastic Cutlery Pack with Napkin, Fork, Spoon, Knife, etc

    Packing Speed: 40-150 Bags/min (Depend on packing material)

    Main Part: Napkin former, Automatic feeding machine, Automatic packaging machine

  • Face Mask Making Machine

    Capacity: 60 -- 300 pcs/min

    Application: Non-woven fabric from 2~6layers

    Advantages: 1 blank mask machine+1 ear loop welding machine or +2 ear loop welding machiens

    Main Part: Feeding Machine, Blank Mask Machine, Ear Loop Welding Machine.

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