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Wet Wipes Production Line

This wet wipes production line integrates online connection of raw materials, automatic folding, quantitative humidifying, intelligent counting, automatic packing and other functions, completely realizes process automation, and comprehensively guarantees product quality.

  • Canister Wet Wipes Production Line
    Model: SYC-40, Fully Automatic, Support Solution Customization

    This canister wet wipes package machine can adapt to batteled wet wipes with different diameters and barrel heights.

    Speed1800-2000 bottles/hour
    Power380V 50HZ/60HZ
    Gas Source0.6-0.8Mp
    Weight3500 Kg
    Dimension4200*1100*2200mm (Customized)
  • 1-10pcs Package Wet Wipes Packing Machine
    1-10pcs/bag (The number can be customized through PLC)

    This wet wipes making machine is suitable for 1-10 pieces of wet wipes, its operation is simple and stable.The parts that come into contact with the liquid are all made of stainless steel.

    Speed600 tablets/min or 60 packs/min (Depends on folding size, folding method and packaging film)
    Folding Method4-6 fold horizontally, fold in half lengthwise
    Gas Source0.4MPA-0.6MPA Air consumption: 0.1m³/min
    Weight1200 Kg
  • Back Sealing Single Wet Wipes Production Line
    1 Pcs/Bag, Back Sealing, Fully Automatic

    Full automatic back sealing wet wipes packing machine is specially designed for wet tissue packing. Adopt vertically folding, feeding film underneath, it runs fast and stably.

    Model SY-250
    Speed 120-200 packs/min (Depends on folding size, folding method and packaging film)
    Total Power AC220V 50HZ/60HZ 2.5KW (Can be customized)
    Folding Method Pair fold
    Weight 700 Kg
    Dimension 2100*1500*1600mm
  • Four Side Seal Single Wet Wipes Making Machine
    1 Pcs/Bag, Four Side Seal, Individually Packaged

    The four side seal single wet wipes making machine is suitable for the production various kind of four-side sealing wet wipes/tissue, alcohol swabs/pad.

    Speed40-120 packs/min (Depends on folding size, folding method and packaging film)
    Total PowerAC220V 50HZ/60HZ 9KW (Can be customized)
    Folding MethodPair fold (Optional three fold)
    Weight1200 Kg
  • Portable Wet Wipes Making Machine
    5-30 Pcs/Bag (The number can be customized through PLC)

    The full automatic wet wipe making machine is easy and function is very steady, and is an ideal equipment for the production of small bags of wet wipes.

    Model SY-535
    Speed 1000-1200 tablets/min or 65 packs/min
    Folding Method N type single pumping, C type single pumping
    Wet Wipes Unfolded Size Length (100-180)*Width (90-200) mm
    Wet Wipes Folded Size Length (100-180)*Width (90-110) mm
    Package Dimensions Length(150-230)*Width(100-120)*Height(20-80)mm
  • Removable Wet Wipes Making Machine
    30-120 Pcs/Bag, Fully Automatic, With Sticker Adhesive Machine

    The wipes production line is used to manufacture disposable wet wipes for household cleaning, and multiple models of products can be selected.

    Model SYF-6 SYF-12 SYF-16 SYF-20
    Speed 2520 tablets/min or 420 cut/min 4200-5040 tablets/min or 420 cut/min 6400 tablets/min or 400 cut/min 8000 tablets/min or 400 cut/min
    Folding Method N type single pumping, C type single pumping
    Weight 5000Kg 7500Kg 15000Kg 17000Kg
    Dimension 9500*2665*2230mm 17500*2665*2230mm 23900*3580*2060mm 26100*3580*2060mm
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