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Mask UV Light Sterilizing Machine

Mask UV Light Sterilizing Machine

Light Wave Uv Disinfection Sterilizer Machine

The mask sterilizing machine is suitable products: Mask, Leather products, Environmental protection lunch boxes, Textiles.



Final Product:

Light Wave Sterilization


Face mask sterilizing machine Sterilizer Light source part: It adopts 16 (470cm) irradiating germicidal lamps, sterilized on all sides. It is evenly distributed in the furnace. It can be installed on the top and bottom. It can be sterilized on all sides to achieve a strong sterilization effect. There is a reflective device (mirror stainless steel plate in the inner box). When the product passes through the sterilization line, the use rate of ultraviolet light can be greatly increased up to 90%. Each group of germicidal lamps can be controlled individually, and an adjusting device that can adjust the angle of the UV lamp is added. The wave peak is 253.7nm. Monitor the use time of the lamp at any time to facilitate the replacement of the lamp. : Ultraviolet tube radiation (irradiation) dose can radiate more than 70μW / cm2.

  • Face mask sterilizing machine
  • Face mask sterilizing machine
Machine Features:

1). Quickly and effectively kill various bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms;

2). Effectively degrade the chloride in water through photolysis;

3). Simple operation and easy maintenance;

4). Covers a small area but large processing capacity;

5). Zero pollution, eco-friendly, no toxic and side effects;

6). Low investment cost, low operating cost, and convenient equipment installation;

7). The unique inner wall treatment process is designed based on the optical principle, so that the light wave can be used to a greater extent in the cavity, and the sterilization effect is doubled.

Technical Parameters:
Model LW-7500
Dimension 7500mm*810mm*1200mm(L*W*H)
Controlling type One button controlling
Power ≤7.5kw
Capacity 6000-7000 pcs/h

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