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Medical Disposable Consumables Ethylene Oxide EO Sterilizer

Medical Disposable Consumables Ethylene Oxide EO Sterilizer

Sterilization Rate: 100%, Ethylene Oxide Disinfection

The ethylene oxide eto sterilization machine is full automatic controlled by micro-computer. It is composed by control system, vacuum sterilization system, constant temperature system and residual gas process system.


Medical and Health, Industry

Final Product:

Medical Disposable Consumables, Cotton swabs, Chemical fibers, etc.

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Medical ethylene oxide sterilizer machine is a special medical sterilizer machine for low-temperature fumigation and sterilization of articles sealed in the sterilization room under a certain temperature, pressure, humidity and a certain action time with the mixture of pure ethylene oxide and ethylene oxide. It also be known as eo gas sterilization, ethylene oxide gas sterilization and so on.

  • Ethylene oxide sterilization equipment
  • Ethylene oxide gas sterilization equipment

EO gas sterilization Application:

Electronic equipment, optical equipment, medical equipment, cotton swabs, chemical fibers, endoscopes, dialyzers and disposable medical supplies, etc.

  • Medical Masks
  • Medical Gloves
  • Disposable Infusion Set
  • Medical Cotton Swab

EO Sterilization Machine Details:

Ethylene oxide gas is a very active chemical disinfectant, which can not only achieve broad-spectrum sterilization, but also achieve a reliable sterilization effect.

  • PLC control medical sterilizer machine
    PLC Control
  • Interior Space of ethylene oxide eto sterilization machine
    Interior Space
  • Gas Bomb of ethylene oxide eto gas sterilizer machine
    Gas Bomb
Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Machine Features:

1). Simple operation: one-button operation, microcomputer control, simple and convenient, digital display of sterilization process;

2). Print records: Record and print sterilization information for sterilization process, which is convenient for verification and archiving;

3). Ensures EO gas no leakage outside during work. Any abnormal in the chamber will cause machine alarm;

4). Inner residual gas treatment system, For post sterilization gas processing , ensure the drainage is clean;

5). Press button for door open and closed . Inside chamber , no need human intervention;

6). Airation automatically ensure EO gas exhaust completely, Automatic sliding door, Safety EO gas punctured device.

Technical Parameters:
Capacity 1-10 cubic meter
Working Power AC 380V 50 Hz
Total Power 29Kw
Printer Sterilization status and data record
Gas 80% EO + 20% Co2 mixture gas
Heating Method Electric heating
Outer Box Material 304 Stainless Steel
Sterilization Temperature 50℃±3℃
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