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Fish Shape Mask Making Machine

Fish Shape Mask Making Machine

1 blank mask machine+1 ear loop welding machines

Fully automatic fish shape mask making machine is suitable for the full-automatic production of built-in nose clip, non-breather valve and inner ear belt-type fish mask with 4 floors or less.


Non-woven fabric from 2~4layers

Final Product:

KF94 fish shape mask

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The KF94 fish shape mask making machine is mainly composed of a material roll feeding machine, a fish-shaped mask slicing machine, a set of connecting machines, two ear band welding machines and two discharging production lines, and can automatically complete the functions of mask body forming, automatic nose clip mounting, ear band welding, automatic counting and the like.

Product Structure:

Complete line include 1 set mask body making machine and 1 sets ear loop automatic welding machine.

Machine Details:

The mask body machine and the ear wire welding machine can be produced automatically or independently with great flexibility.

Final Product:

Length: 205mm, Width: 83mm;

The length of nose line shall not be less than 8cm, and the fracture strength of the joint between each mask belt and mask body shall not be less than 10n.

  • 1+1 face mask making machine
  • 1+1 face mask making machine
Machine Features:

1). Raw Material Folding: Folding of raw materials with built-in nose bridge; it is made of imported titanium alloy steel mold and special craft;

2). Integral Molding: Ultrasonic welding, pressing and blank mask forming;

3). Ear Band Welding: Ear band welding requires no manual participation in the whole process;

4). Ear Strap Folding: Link the full-automatic ear belt folding equipment, and the finished products can be packaged directly.

Technical Parameters:
Model ZYKF-94
Capacity 100-140pcs/min
Equipment Power 13Kw
Working Power AC220V or AC380V; 3P; 50/60Hz
Machine Size 6960mm*4500mm*2000mm

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