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Malaysia Unveils Innovative E-Waste Recycling Initiatives

The Monash University Malaysia is currently involved in developing innovative solutions to handle rising e-waste volumes in the country by making use of latest technologies.

A project that explores the use of larger coarse particles in the extraction of copper from discarded printed circuit boards (PCBs) is run under the leadership of The School of Engineering Dr Saman Ilankoon, senior lecturer, The School of Engineering under the University. The three-year project funded by the government under the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) aims to develop an optimal way of packing the particles.

Another pilot project, the Smart E-Waste Collection Box, uses a mobile application to enhance the collection of electronic waste. It works on the existing e-waste collection box system, which collects discarded electronic waste from strategic bins placed at select locations. The project uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor e-waste collection.

According to Dr Saman Ilankoon, e-waste management techniques need to be optimized in order to ensure that maximum value is extracted from discarded materials. The government should focus on providing training to informal e-waste recyclers so that they become part of the mainstream. By employing the services of trained informal recyclers, the country could more effectively fight the mounting e-waste menace, he said.

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