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Producers set up e-scrap plastics site in Riga

Recipo, the leading producer responsibility scheme for electronics in the Nordic Region, has opened its own recycling plant in Latvia. The new site recycles e-scrap plastics to be used in new electronic products. Recipo Material is in Riga and is described as a purpose-built recycling plant for e-scrap plastics. The factory will handle over 20 000 tonnes of material per year, mostly coming from Scandinavia and surrounding countries, transforming it into plastic pellets.

Recipo members say they hope to set an example by providing a dedicated European recycling solution for this niche type of plastic. The organisation notes that Europe currently has the capacity to recycle only 25% of its electronic plastics and it is confident the new facility will substantially increase this percentage.

‘Recycling European waste on European soil will ensure that producers can have better control of their product’s entire life cycle and environmental impact,’ says Recipo ceo Josef Tapper.

‘Consumers and Governments are demanding an ever higher post-consumer accountability, and Recipo will now be able to work directly with producers to not only collect plastic waste derived from their products but also to produce recycled plastic for reuse, closing the loop on the plastic lifecycle.’

Tapper insists that traceability is a vital part of the circular economy. ‘With Recipo Material, we hope to see large-scale companies turn to us for a steady stream of recycled plastic, as opposed to relying on the unsustainable use of virgin plastic which simply increases the volume of plastic waste polluting the planet,’ the ceo adds.

Recipo ultimately plans to achieve an annual recycling rate of a 100% by recycling the same amount of electronics that are put on the market.

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