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Problems related to ultrasonic mask machine

How much do you know about ultrasound? I believe that many friends have a very one-sided understanding, so let's make a brief explanation below. Ultrasonic mask equipment can be seated in the same number.

What is ultrasound and what functions does it have?

1. Ultrasound refers to the frequency range of sound waves that human hearing can accept. It is about 20 Hz to 20 kHz. When the frequency is higher than 20 kHz, it is called ultrasonic.

2. The function of ultrasound is mainly used in welding machines, cleaning machines, grinding machines, lace making and medical diagnosis. The main applications of Ultrasonic Equipment of Kuayuda Automation Equipment are as follows:Ultrasonic automatic mask equipment, medical mask automatic production line, cosmetic cotton automatic equipment, hotel aviation disposable product production equipment and other non-woven deep processing equipment.

What is the working principle of ultrasonic equipment?

Ultrasonic is to convert 220V, 60HZ current into 20KHZ high-voltage electrical energy, which is converted into mechanical energy by a vibrator, and then to the welding surface through the transmission element (CONE), which generates super-speed vibration and friction to melt at high temperature and pressurize the fusion.

What are the characteristics of ultrasonic equipment?

1. Fast: Fast can increase the workload.

2. Strong: The strength can reach the strength of the original material.

3. Beauty: beautiful, no damage to the surface, no scars.

ultrasonic mask machine

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