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How to debugging the mask machine

The mask machine is a fully automatic equipment for producing masks. The raw materials for the production of masks are non-woven fabrics, meltblown fabrics, nose strips, ear straps, etc. The entire equipment is one-line automated operation from raw material feeding to nose line insertion, edge sealing, and cutting of finished products. Depending on the raw materials used, it can reach different standards such as N95, FFP2, etc.

In order to solve the problem of mask machine debugging on the market, we recorded a full range of debugging and adjustment videos, hoping to solve the problems of various manufacturers.

First: Press the welding button and the welding head will drop, but will not rise after welding.

1. Insufficient air pressure;

2. Defective solenoid valve;

3. Adjust the air pressure;

4. Maintenance program board;

5. The time adjustment switch is damaged;

Second: The overload light is on during operation

1. The welding head is loose;

2. Improper frequency adjustment;

3. The welding head is broken;

4. Excessive pressure;

5. machine power is too small.

Third: The power indicator does not light up, the fan of the vibration box is weakened, cannot vibrate or the welding strength is weakened

1. The power supply voltage is low;

2. The input transformer is damaged;

3. The power socket is in poor contact.

Fourth: Press the welding button, the welding head will drop immediately and rise when the workpiece does not vibrate.

1. The descending stroke has not reached the welding position;

2. Poor contact of the travel switch;

3. Poor pressure trigger system;

Fifth: the welding head rises or drops too much impact;

1. The buffer adjustment is inappropriate;

2. Buffer adjustment and lock up;

3. The descending speed is set too high;

4. Poor cylinder cushioning;

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