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Market prospect of wet wipe machine

According to relevant data, 60% of consumers nationwide use wet wipes every day, 58% of consumers use wet wipes before and after meals, and 38% of consumers use wet wipes for infants and young children. In the quality report , 21 of 50 wet wipes products were detected to contain CIT (Kason) preservatives. For adults, the use of CIT preservatives may affect the skin, but the use of CIT preservatives may affect the wet wipes. The disinfectant acts to extend the life span. However, the skin of infants and young children is relatively tender, and wet wipes containing CIT, MIT and other preservatives can cause serious and severe damage to the skin of infants and young children.

SUNY GROUP provides three suggestions for purchasing and using wet wipes:

First, pay attention to the packaging logo

When purchasing, pay attention to the product's packaging logo, give priority to products with good reputation and complete logos, and purchase on demand according to the scope of application of the product.

Second, pay attention to the expiration date

Pay attention to the shelf life of wet wipes and use them within the validity period. Once opened and used, large-package products should be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place and used as soon as possible to prevent microbial contamination.

Third, use moderately and reasonably

Wet wipes are not the more you use, the better. If it is not necessary, try to use clean water to clean your skin. For sensitive people, especially infants and young children, if possible, wash the skin with clean water after using wet wipes to reduce chemical residues. Do not use it on areas with mucous membranes such as eyes and mouth, and do not use on wounds, swelling or eczema. If skin abnormalities or discomfort are found after use, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.

Along with the above situation, the fate is also closely related to it. Wet wipes packaging machines are inseparable from the development of wet wipes. For wet wipes to develop, they must rely on the automated and efficient production mode of wet wipes packaging machines to meet market demand. The wet tissue packaging machine depends on the development of the wet tissue market, continuous innovation and improvement of mechanical properties, in order to survive and develop in the packaging industry.

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