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Deal with electronic waste to avoid environmental pollution

At present, environmental protection is an important link in the entire e-waste recycling and processing chain. When recycling e-waste, pay attention to whether e-waste is effectively recycled and whether the disposal of e-waste causes environmental pollution. Among them, whether the disposal of electronic waste causes pollution to the environment is of high concern, accounting for about 50%, and secondly, how to recycle. It is not difficult to see that whether people treat the recycled electronic waste scientifically to avoid environmental pollution is one of the important considerations. Therefore, in the future development, electronic waste disposal equipment such as circuit board recycling equipment will play an important role in environmental governance. This kind of equipment is also a good choice for effectively disposing of electronic waste and avoiding environmental pollution.

In recent years, various environmental problems have appeared frequently. Environmental protection departments have strengthened environmental protection management, and through publicizing the harm caused by environmental pollution, they have effectively raised people's environmental awareness. People began to pay more attention to electronic waste disposal equipment, and changed the current situation of electronic waste disposal through equipment. When SUNY GROUP circuit board recycling equipment appeared on the market, most people viewed this equipment with discrimination and suspicion. When a household brought materials to the factory for on-site testing of Shuguang Machinery, people's attitudes began to change.

The e-waste treatment equipment produced by SUNY GROUP is immature in terms of treatment effect, output, and environmental protection performance. There are many problems. Fortunately, we did not give up. The users encouraged us and put forward some reasonable suggestions. We passed continuous Technological improvements, process changes, and equipment have made great breakthroughs in performance, quality, output, and automation.

Today, the circuit board recycling equipment produced by SUNY GROUP has been spread all over the country. In foreign countries, we have customer equipment sites in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt and other countries. Some new customers from abroad saw our equipment promotion, visited the customer site and then our factory inspected and then purchased equipment. They are quite satisfied with the environmental performance of the equipment and the performance of e-waste metal sorting. However, new users also put forward new requirements on the equipment, that is, they hope that the output and the degree of automation of the equipment will be higher.

After entering 2018, SUNY GROUP has successively launched 800-type and 1000-type circuit board recycling equipment. These are all proposed for new users and can process electronic waste in large quantities. Of course, these are finalized equipment. We can also follow The user’s needs can be customized, and the output can be further increased. PLC automation control is added to these types of production line equipment, and the production operations, processing, and maintenance have been greatly improved.

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