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Pay more attention to the purchase of copper wire recycling machine

In the past, the commonly used method for the recycling of waste wires and cables was incineration. After incineration, the wire sheath was removed to take copper. This low-end processing method is not only inefficient, but also prone to serious pollution. Whenever we see some news and TV reports, in some areas, burning electronic waste, waste cables to extract metals, causing serious water pollution, air pollution, and serious heavy metal poisoning incidents, we are very heartbroken. It must be stopped, and safe, environmentally friendly, reasonable and effective process equipment must be used for processing, otherwise our life and health will be seriously threatened.

The appearance of dry copper rice machine equipment has changed the situation of environmental degradation. The dry copper rice machine not only achieves environmental protection, but also improves the efficiency of metal separation and recovery. The dry-type copper rice machine has increased from the initial output of more than 100 kg per hour to the current more than 300 kg per hour. This is an improvement in technology and an improvement in efficiency. We have to say that technology is an important tool to promote the development of productivity. With these high-tech equipment, the phenomenon of burning waste electronic waste everywhere has disappeared, the environment has improved, and we have also obtained unexpected benefits from it.

The dry-type copper rice machine was born for the recycling of waste wires and cables, and the metal recycling of waste wires and cables is also valued by the birth of the dry-type copper rice machine. Our dream of blue sky and white clouds will surely come true, and will surely come true, because our environmental protection equipment is making more contributions to the development of environmental protection at all times.

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